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Instructions available -- Instructions for Sudoku puzzles from Czech qualification are now available in English. [more]
Polish International Sudoku Championship -- We invite puzzelers and sudoku fans from all over the world for The Polish International Sudoku Championship. It will be conducted on its organizers (Polish Society of Games and Puzzle's Fans) website [www.sfinks.org.pl] on Saturday 3rd March 2007. [more]
Czech qualification 2007 -- The Czech qualification was held in Brno 27th January 2007. More then 3000 competitors have been registered and were solving Sudoku puzzles through different media, as newspaper, internet, magazines etc. [more]


On behalf of the organizing committee, I would like to invite you to the 2007 World Sudoku Championship in the Czech Republic organized under the auspices of the president of the Czech Republic, Václav Klaus. The 2nd World Sudoku Championship will be held March 28 – April 1, 2007 in Prague which has the honor of being the organizer of this supreme puzzle event for the first time.

Prague [www.praha.cz] is ready to reveal both its historical and up-to-date face to the 2nd WSC competitors. Welcome to Prague, dear puzzle friends!

The participants of WSC will be accommodated in Top Hotel near the center of Prague [www.tophotel.cz]. TOP HOTEL Praha is located within a quiet area of the Praha 4 city district. Entire hotel complex extends around the vast greenery and it belongs to the largest hotel premises in Europe with its area of 9 hectares (22 acres). Under one roof, it offers accommodations, conference seats, restaurants, wellness and fitness centers, indoor tennis court and many other services. All the participants will be looked after well and we believe they will be satisfied with the stay. Accommodation in this hotel is booked from March 28 to April 1, 2007. Other possibilities can be arranged with the organizers individually. Rooms are to be shared by two people, however it is possible to arrange a room for one person if so desired (with a surcharge of 100 EUR). Rooms are fitted with TV sets, Internet connection, and minibars. Competitions will take place right in the congress hall of the hotel.

The basic cost of attendance for each competitor and captains of teams is 300 EUR. The basic cost of attendance for other participants is 500 EUR. Extra charge for separate room is 100 EUR, as stated above. These fees cover accommodation in Prague, meals, and transports from and to the airport. The fees should be paid until the end of February, if possible, and in the section Contact you can find bank details and the account number.

We will be also pleased to arrange an accommodation all around the Czech Republic both after and before the championship for the participants. Interested persons must inform us in advance. We will also fulfill all demands and requests concerning the whole stay in the Czech Republic.


How can I register or participate on WSC 2007?
First of all you have to find out whether your country is a member of World Puzzle Federation or not. To check it please visit worldpuzzle.org. If your country is a member of WPF you will find the contact there. If not, please contact us directly for more details.
How many competitors can be sent from each country?
Each country can be represented by maximum of 6 competitors + 1 captain and unlimited number of guests. If less than 4 people will be sent, your country can not participate on the team competition then.
When will the official rule book for 2nd World Sudoku Championship be released?
The rule book will be available, as usually, at the beginning of Championship in Prague.
When is the deadline for the teams (competitors) to sign in?
Deadline is 28th February 2007 (or immediately after national qualification)
When is the deadline for sending the participation fee?
Deadline is 28th February 2007
If we decide to stay in a different hotel in Prague, what would be the participating fee then?
You can stay at any place you like, but of course the fee will remain still the same as it doesn´t include only accommodation, but a lot of other services.

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