Czech qualification 2007

Qualification The Czech qualification was held in Brno 27th January 2007. More then 3000 competitors have been registred and were solving Sudoku puzzles through different media, as newspaper, internet, magazines etc. About 80 top competitors were invited to Brno to compete in the Airwaves Czech Championship.

All the competitors had to go through 35 different sudoku puzzles included in 3 parts (75, 65, 75 minutes). After about 4 hours of solving 6 best players advanced to the final play off. The play off tournament was projected on a big screen so that all the attendants could watch the way of solving the puzzles of each finalist at the same time. The whole tournament has also been broadcasted live on our website.


1st round   [download]
2nd round [download]
3rd round  [download]
Play off       [download]


Instructions for competitors  [download]
1st round   [download]
2nd round [download]
3rd round  [download], solutions (1-3 round) [download]
Play off       [download], solutions [download]



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